About Serge Devatedski

Serge Devatedski is an experienced sales professional with an expertise in selling high end fashion and luxury goods. Based in New York City, he has served for many years with Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury goods store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Serge Devatedski’s responsibilities entail working with a number of top international clients.

Beyond his work in the high-end fashion industry, Devatedski also pursues ambitious professional interests in real estate development and investing. He presently owns three apartments with an attached antique store in Hudson Columbia County, a country home in Hudson Valley, and an apartment in New York City. Enthusiastic about restoring old and historic buildings, Devatedski personally renovates each of the properties he acquires. He enjoys restoring buildings to represent a unique style. His place of residence is designed and decorated in the style of his favorite interior decorator, Billy Baldwin.

A French-American, Serge Devatedski was born in Pennsylvania but grew up on the French Riviera. Devatedski graduated from Italy’s Institute Senelon Grasse High School and studied Hotel Management at Miami Dade College. He went on to receive his Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Prior to joining Bergdorf Goodman, he gained experience in the fashion industry serving with Francesco Smalto.

In his personal life, Serge Devatedski enjoys spending his free time gardening, cooking, and entertaining guests. As a world-traveler, he has visited several countries in South America and visits Europe nearly every summer. Devatedski can speak English, French, and Spanish.


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